Last stock left guys! once these are gone we won't making anymore! grab one and support VStanced! :) Any representation of VStanced etc is much appreciated!

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1.   Posted by x7928311   2019-06-11 01:05    

STICKERS Quantity?

2.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2019-06-13 12:49    

what do you mean by quantity?

3.   Posted by x7928311   2019-06-13 23:16    

£3.00 GBP,How Many STICKERS

4.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2019-06-14 06:44    

One as per the description

5.   Posted by TheLastBro1   2019-07-28 21:50    

Just bought two gold ones for my S13 drift car, as a small thanks for everything you guys have done :D

6.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2019-07-29 17:11    

@TheLastBro1 cheers bud! I've sent them out :) thanks for the support.

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