Highway D - Midnight Battles v0.5

What's new?
- Highway battle against opponent or by objective
- Bet system

How to install?
- Just extract the rar into your game folder(yes it's simple like that)

About the bot
- You can save a car as MidnightCar
- If there's no saved car it will generate a random car for the bot


- This is BETA, it's not finished, and I'm almost 99% sure that I won't touch it!
- The original author is Diegoborges, I just made the race script!
- If you want to upload it somewhere else, just make me a favor and give the correct credits and put this description just to avoid future compliments about bugs or how to make it work!
- Have fun!

Video Preview:

1.   Posted by lambofgodz   2019-03-29 09:36    

Quick question, what version of SLRR are you running? this looks really stable...


2.   Posted by gorgoil   2019-03-29 13:39    

BB93 SLRR 2015 + 2018 java tweak. And what makes your game stable isn't the game base itself but mainly the mods you install

3.   Posted by killas93   2019-04-10 14:18    

Awsome as always ;)

4.   Posted by rollieplainjain   2019-06-30 16:15    

wow this looks dope im bout to install this immediately

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