ADDED ON 20/01/2011:

OK, there you go... new version with both 2 fixes plus a new one.

- Now you can use the stoker kit without having the adjustable fuel rail. Just use the METHANOL FUEL SYSTEM and it'll work.

- Corrected steering wheel diameter, now the driver grabs it. LOL. Thanks svander for the hint!

LINK >>>> *LINK*

Well, when I saw that Jaziba did this I was pretty happy. The F430 Scuderia is a real drivers car that can't be missed. Having it in SLRR is a great thing. But then I noticed that it was an unfinished project and it could need some of the DSpeed love.

That's what I did. The car has now:

- correct physics (can be somewhat slammed and has average deformation when crashing)

- correct weight

- fixed driver/steering wheel position

- correct price on catalog

- stockparts lists done, you can buy this baby ready from the catalog

- great handling, with a race-ready setup from the catalog (have in mind that its an MR car and its a race-ready Ferarri, it IS very responsive and tricky sometimes)

- and the best of all, it has ITS OWN ENGINE! :D Well, its just a V8 from SLRR, but a proper version for the Ferrari, with correct specs and GREAT SOUNDS :)


PROTIPS for an awesome experience:

*FORGET the car small bugs, drive it like you stole it. GET MAD, do burnouts, this kind of stuff. It's still an unfinished car. More will come...

*CRUISE with the car, don't worry only about racing... the BEST thing to do with this car is, put it on 3rd gear, cruise around in low speeds, then accelerate and enjoy the music! I don't like much the 1st to 3rd gear aceleration, its just TOO fast, you can't hear much of the engine, just some massive screaming... from 3rd on, its AWESOME!

*ENJOY IT like a Ferrari! Use the proper rims on it, and it'll be happy and gift you with some great moments. Don't slam it too much, don't crash it... And if you want to go mad, put some slicks @ the rear, use the MADMAXPOWA supacharger and change your fuel to methanol. You'll have a 7 second Ferrari.

*TELL ME what you think of the handling and the sounds. I'm new on this sounds department, but I'm finding how it works, that feedback will help me improve the future releases.

Some pics:

*04/01/2021 - New link from Adnan added to the main download(left column)

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Awesome! I'm using it with the stock engine, and obviously a red paint, but, with Brembo brakes and BBS rims! JUST BEAUTIFUL!

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fix don t work in 2.2.1 mwm by jack

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fuck! doesnt work in SLRR by jack v3

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please, can someone post a new link?

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goadamnit anyone can upload a new link to this sexy f430

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