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3d: Gorgoil, Tipi, TKF, Defiant
Specs: Oxman99, Gorgoil
Sounds base from Devils V8 Rescript by RedCarDriver
1.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2019-03-02 11:16    

create: Wrong GameType! parts\engines\LS3.rpk:0x001306A9
BB's SLRR, 2.2.1MWM

2.   Posted by Aneoooow   2019-03-02 15:49    

Noob question. Where does the sound file go again?

3.   Posted by gorgoil   2019-03-02 19:46    

Holy Shit Man that's strange because I've used it and tested on BB93's SLRR, and even BB93 tested it without any problems, and someone else complained because of a similar error but I've got it fixed. By tomorrow might have a fox for that

4.   Posted by kscf31   2019-03-04 02:22    

No sound, put the custom sound folder into the main SLRR folder

5.   Posted by slrrlover   2019-03-13 05:28    

Where do you put sound folder :(

6.   Posted by BadIntenShun   2019-03-19 22:08    

No fix yet im guessing? Having the same issue

7.   Posted by charlie68ss   2019-04-16 06:48    

I have the same error as well

8.   Posted by JoeTKD   2019-06-27 21:41    

I got sad :(
I downloaded, I installed but it does not have any motor equal to the ones in the photo
And some engines that I buy do not install completely ...
It kind of installs a part and the engine box stays on the parts list and when I click on it it will not ...
I would be happy if someone taught you to install this engine right or correct that mistake

9.   Posted by Raven123   2019-07-10 12:05    

For those with no sound, keep the custom engine sound in the directory with the engine

10.   Posted by Lsx454..   2019-07-18 05:43    

How i can instal the procharger

11.   Posted by Evge163рус   2019-08-29 11:06    

link enige

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