For Torres1895's Recaro & Bride seat pack
Original models by Boum'86 (Jonathan Eudet)

Hey There! I was kinda bored, wanted to make another random build and wanted to play around with textures a bit more... That's basically where I thought that a small pack like this wouldn't be that bad for you guys if you needed some fresh cloth for your Brides.

Yet again it's nothing much and the textures aren't 100% accurate but still close enough to the real deal in my opinion.

Just replace one of the normal "br_seat_****.png" with one of these textures, even though I would recommend replacing the "br_seat_black.png" since that seems to be the main texture for the harnesses aswell. They don't change when replacing the red or blue one.

! H A V E - F U N !

If you use these for a different game or render atleast credit me! ;)

Original mod if needed: Seat Pack Recaro & Bride
1.   Posted by Hinata23   2018-09-16 21:25    

Thanks, Rennalt <3 Diese gut :3

2.   Posted by radcoon   2018-09-18 01:19    

amazing! thx renny

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