yeah nobody uses stickers but this migth be useful for u who knows

This is just a Aftermarket Brand Logo sticker pack/Source of a bunch of logos to make paintjobs, as the title says. It is my first mod, even tho idk if this can be considered a mod because it didn't involve much more then creating a 1024x1024 canvas in GIMP and pasting some images in it.

Includes 31 different stickers, but some are variantions from others (for example, there are normal and transparent with black outline versions of some of them)

I highly reccomend you download the ResiStance Crew's Texture edit at *LINK*
so that your stickers don't look like a Caterpie sprite from a gbc game.

Also, if your car's uvw mapping is bad don't complain, it just won't work.

Installation: Just drop the "decals" folder in your SLRR main directory, merge when asked and BOOM, you are done. Your stickers will show up in the "misc" section of the stickers in the catalog.

Tested only in MWM, but i don't see any reason for it not to work on any other versions mainly because it consists of basically a bunch of png's (Wich you can use to make paintjobs manually, so this is basically sparing you from finding and downloading HD logos for your kiveries!)

Password is "onlyforvstancedbecausevstancedisawesome"

All the stickers are under the spoiler.


Note that if the panel is curved, the stickers will strech.

If someone wants to, i could make more of these...
Have fun, even tho nobody will download this XD
1.   Posted by lildemon   2019-08-10 22:11    

make one with a lot of sexy anime girls :D

2.   Posted by lildemon   2019-08-10 22:11    

make one with a lot of sexy anime girls :D im serious dude please

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