The volvo mod its finaly relased

it include 3 chassis
- volvo 700 sedan
- volvo 900 sedan
- volvo wagon (700-900)
A lot of bodyparts so you can create the usa models and european models like the 960,s90,760 ...

Scripts by ccp
3d work by ccp
the meshes are made from diferent 3d sources and merged by me to make it fit on one

its very stable ,but maybe some bugs can be found , send me feedback on the coments
do not reupload
enjoy ;)
Update 30/3/2019:
a new chassis, the pick up body is abalible and some little bugs fixed

Update 29/9/2019:
i do a lot of work a couple moths ago ,still no finished but i manage to upgrade some aspects:
clear windows , update textures ,and new parts.
some models come which the volvo engine :

740 SE

new 780 model (still WIP)

it has some minor bugs and is not finished so i keep the (30/3/19)old version link :
1.   Posted by whisperofdeath   2018-07-26 20:00    

thank you, now I can finally recreate my real life project car.

2.   Posted by AndreasKoistinen   2018-07-27 19:18    

Not realy any bugs but i feel like the headlights could've been done better, everything doesn't really fit for example the 960 kit is a bit off and the aftermarket bodykit. Besides that, pretty good job.

3.   Posted by DarkFox49   2018-08-04 09:27    

I just love this!
Only one thing i need is a good old Volvo Diesel engine :D

4.   Posted by Gjutarolle   2019-03-10 11:25    

Wow Great cars!! thanks :D

5.   Posted by Jakobisaksson96   2019-04-27 09:54    

Tjena! varför är 740in FWD?

6.   Posted by AdamNuggets   2019-06-14 00:06    

Really nice mod, only issue is that the front hitbox is extended really far making it hard to drift

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