Parts Moved Complete Script from GOM TEAM

I found this mod on my old HDD, and since i never found it on here and streetlegalmods is down, i decided to Upload it here for everyone.

i did not made this Mod. Credit goes to kokumeiYUU from!

2 Script Mods that let you move any Parts from your Car.

Script 1 lets you move any Part but i think Doors, Hood and Trunk won't open any more (I cant Remember)

Script 2 wont let you move Doors, Hood and Trunk, but they are still usable. (Like i said i cant Remember)

(It could be, that Script 1 does what Script 2 does, but i really really cant Remember) (I could have tested it)

It works on MWM, and i heard it works on 2.3.0 LE, but i am not sure

you need to Create a new Savegame! It will Crash on old ones!

1.   Posted by jronny   2018-08-03 01:19    

can i move the transmision too?

2.   Posted by zizhar   2019-05-18 10:59    

can moved nos canister?

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