A GT PSP convert

This is not a full fledged mod but rather a GT PSP test convert using BB's Alfa 156 as a base (Of course with his permission) The mod is in an absolute ass state and there is absolutely not a single chance I will actually try to make it a full fledged mod. Why do I post this then? Well, I don't wanna keep it for myself, and I thought that I'd just post this piece of crap. The mod works and it is mainly usable for anything really. It's not very ENB friendly, mainly with OA that is. The entire car is basically a model with textures so it's bound to have some of its moments. It's fully independent from its source material.
Some pics

To anyone who's looking for a serious mod or something to slam on the ground, this ain't for ya.
This mod here is nothing more but a test to mess around with.

1.   Posted by ccp   2018-07-24 20:24    

just need to smooth geometry, pm the 3d file an maybe i can help

2.   Posted by Facepalm   2018-07-24 20:59    

Smoothing breaks the model.

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