I've found this car on a long time ago but the original link is dead, however, i managed it to get a working one, so i took the liberty of sharing it here in VS. As far as i know the original author of the mod is called CRAZY_IVAN, although i've seen other people saying that the author was MF Team... so if i credited the wrong person, let me know and i'll fix it asap. But that's enough said, now let's get to what you really came here for.

The mod features 2 chassis: The hardtop and the convertible one (with the possibility of installing a vinyl top on it)
There is no extra parts akaik and no bugs either. But if you find any let me know that i'll put here in the description.

1.   Posted by _Dave   2018-07-22 02:31    

hey there!

not bitching but i think its my mod :) i did it for the competition @ promods ages ago, this one on the pics looks like the one i did, just saying

-Dave :)

2.   Posted by Yeda   2018-07-23 14:11    

the site i got from said the author was called "CRAZY_IVAN". If the mod is truly yours, i'll change the name of the author, just pm me or pm some of the moderators or admins of VS

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