Is highly suggested download VStanced HD plates to fully enjoy this mod.

Long time ago i've been told from someone that he asked the permission to convert this punto to the dude who modeled it, and the dude was alright, though i'm not sure if that was true and i dont even know/remember his name.

So for the first time ever i'm gonna release something i converted "without" permission, and even without being able to credit.

He was ex-Jugoslavian(Slovenian? Croatian? Serbian? not sure), if you have infos about his name, let me know, i will credit him right away.

Model by Mihael Kirić aka Bravo


- Single piece mod
- Hand made rpk(written from scratch)
- Noob-proof matte paint(check the readme)
- Already compatible with almost every worthy engine(from 2JZ to VR38DETT)
- 100% built-in rpk custom flares
- Custom headlights flare texture
- Custom glow meshes
- Custom physics
- Fiat coupé rim
- Custom 3D tires

Have fun!


Do you like my mods? If so why dont you hold on a minute and consider offering me a beer? :cheers:

1.   Posted by adnan54   2018-01-10 23:20    


2.   Posted by Astaroth   2018-01-10 23:20    

Woah nice Punto, downloading :pimping: :pimping:

3.   Posted by ccp   2018-01-10 23:38    

nice , slrr needs more old euro hackbacks

4.   Posted by Astaroth   2018-01-10 23:41    


5.   Posted by doge   2018-01-10 23:54    

oh my god :O

6.   Posted by EXOTI1CSTANCE   2018-01-11 00:27    

download is broken

7.   Posted by Automotive Gaming   2018-01-11 00:56    


8.   Posted by Alexkiller3   2018-01-11 06:21    

EXOTI1CSTANCE the link isnt exactly broken.

9.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2018-01-11 06:26    

Link fixed.

10.   Posted by Lagano   2018-01-11 15:28    

This is a way longer "finally" than for doge's house map :)) Too bad it's a one piece mod, but it looks great nonetheless!

11.   Posted by pop93   2018-01-12 17:02    

Maybe Pro7? :D
I am from Serbia,and this car is from Yugoslavia(today Serbia)
Obout "ccp" needs mor old hackbacks! :D

12.   Posted by doge   2018-01-15 17:22    

^i've tried, but couln't find decent legal model of it

13.   Posted by StratoWolf   2018-01-21 12:04    

We need hatchbacks like this.

Shame it's a single piece mod though...

14.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2018-01-22 15:09    

Yeah i know, i didnt make it with openable doors etc because it's pretty low quality so it would've been a waste of time.

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