Nissan Silvia S15 + Varietta

Author Models: Nitrous, RedCarDriver
Author rescript: JaDem
Author RB body kit: JaDem
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1.   Posted by robindu07   2018-01-01 22:22    


2.   Posted by ShadoWPhoeniX   2018-01-02 07:32    

Niice one!

3.   Posted by Sleepin mOnkey   2018-01-02 13:38    

So its the old s15 mod with more bodykits? anything got removed? Looks good

4.   Posted by fatlace   2018-01-03 01:52    

Thanks man, all old body kits are present

5.   Posted by joshac16   2018-01-03 11:38    

for me its missing one of the pieces for the RB kit the rear left isnt present nor is the right aero piece?

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