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Hello Here are 7 eurobeat songs that i know i haven't watched much Initial D so if you know anymore please let me know so i can add them in
Oh btw on of them is an earape troll LOL
Leslie Parrish: Remember Me
Kensi Drifto Honda civic hitting wall on milkshake(I forgot the name of the song so i called it that
Leslie Parrish: Save Me
Leslie Parrish: Killing My Love
Symbol: Forever Young
Spingbill - I forgot the name
And last but not least Running in the 1940's i means 90's
If there are any bugs or a song does not work please let me know
Vid Showing the powers of it *LINK*
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ピュアヒューリーズ ~ Vengeance is Mine (not really Eurobeat but good touge battle lol)

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