Well, first mod made of 0, sorry for the LOW POLY since I did it when I did not have a graphics card and it cost me, but in some future I will improve it. Enjoy it. BY NICOTOX
1.   Posted by BurnDrifter   2017-10-26 11:37    

No comment

2.   Posted by thor-04   2017-10-27 01:47    

+1 for effort i guess.


3.   Posted by tiagoa4   2017-11-02 02:43    


4.   Posted by xNebula69   2017-11-17 18:34    

Was this modelled in SketchUp?

5.   Posted by KulibobCZ   2017-12-03 11:33    

Will only download it because it is the only 164 ProCar on the internet (for any game)

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