Sound pack of BMW for SLRR.


1) You need to have installed previously the following engines: S42 by rolts, S54B32 by Dennis, S70(comes with the McLaren F1 de Jesus Christ) and the S85B50 by Dmitri Kuznecow.
2)Drop the folders "addon" and "parts" into your slrr main folder, and combine/replace if is neccesary.

The S54B32 have turbo and supercharged sounds too.
Sounds are converted from FM4 and FH2.
1.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2017-08-22 11:54    

McLaren F1 de Jesus Christ? :O

2.   Posted by 9kRPM   2017-08-22 18:14    

I mix English with Spanish by mistake :oops: , and I just realized that the authors of the MaClaren F1 son (Maxim Volkov - zO_ombie)

3.   Posted by miegalius   2017-08-24 09:26    

sounds fucking amazing

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