4 new sounds: VG30, RB26, VR38 and SR20


Sounds are converted from FM4, FH2 and FH3.
For this mod if you know about scripting, you can put this sounds in any engine you want. You will find the script codes inside each sound folder.
If you dont know about scripting, you need to have installed the VR38DETT by blast, the RB26 by Oxman99/Timek9, the SR20DET by Lexotic/BrCrew, and the Emer StreetGT (comes with the original game). This last one for the VG30 sound, I know Im putting a V6 sound in in Inline6, its because I dont find a good v6 with the "block.java" file.

1.   Posted by doge   2017-07-21 03:46    

Sounds pretty nice, good job

2.   Posted by Schmelleck   2017-07-21 13:14    

holly shit that sounds awesome

3.   Posted by Megav0us   2017-07-23 18:14    

I have an error while loading carrer with SR20 :/ Sounds work but when i load carrer game crashes. It doesnt do with original JAVA.

4.   Posted by m4rt1ncz   2017-07-25 12:28    

Where can I get vg30dett ??

5.   Posted by DHR   2017-07-25 16:28    

I installed this pack but the engines sound weird. The RB26 spools up way way way too fast and the sound is lost, the turbo also sounds way different from the video.

Why is that?

6.   Posted by 9kRPM   2017-07-26 15:36    

@Megav0us maybe you are using a different version of the engine or a different engine.
@m4rt1ncz doesnt exist. Use the emer street engine.
@DHR can you reproduce the lost sounds with vlc or windows media or with any player?
spool sound sounds different than the video?
what version game do you use?
the blow off sounds different because probably you are using twin turbos, use the single turbo if you want the same in the rb26 sound than the video

7.   Posted by revolver   2017-07-27 19:04    


8.   Posted by DosthaneGarage   2017-08-02 11:17    

I cant install please help me :(

9.   Posted by 9kRPM   2017-08-02 15:17    

@DosthaneGarage I need you to explain to me why you cant install it or tell me which step of "Installation (English) .txt" you dont understand, and your version game too.

10.   Posted by supernimp67   2017-08-06 01:21    

Hey dude where do I have top put the nissan data/ rpk and general data/rpk and I don't hear any sounds would be glad if you can help me ( by the way I have the nfs world beta slrr version )http://streetlegalmods.com/downloads/game/Need-For-Speed-World-SLRR-EDITION-PUBLIC-BETA

11.   Posted by 9kRPM   2017-08-06 16:44    

@supernimp67 in the rar there is text file called"installation(english)" that says where you have to put the folders. Only extract the two folders (addon and parts) in the main folder of the game. With that version it has to work.

12.   Posted by supernimp67   2017-08-09 10:46    

k i try it again

13.   Posted by Princevolution   2017-08-30 07:40    

How do i get turbo sound for the Baiern emer engine?

14.   Posted by Princevolution   2017-08-30 07:43    


15.   Posted by 9kRPM   2017-08-31 22:28    

Princevolutrion, there's a mod called MP GT i6, are parts for the inline 6 engines of the original game that includes turbo kit.

16.   Posted by Stocky789   2019-03-16 10:21    

SR20 still has not sound

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