This is the first sound mod i've made, so if you have any suggestions im more then glad to hear them :)
"mod is for the Mazda Rotary 13B mod by MisterSir and Harrison15"
"sounds are from Shift 2 so thanks mindeliszz ;)"

Installation: Put the Shift2Sounds folder into the main Slrr folder and the javas as shown.

1.   Posted by Schmelleck   2017-06-11 14:19    


2.   Posted by Jfernando1   2017-06-11 17:41    

What is your computer, how are you seemingly running and ENB while playing, and maybe AA?

Also nice sounds.

3.   Posted by Schmelleck   2017-06-11 17:49    

GTX 780ti overclocked and 4790k overclocked,
and thanks :)

4.   Posted by Eren   2017-07-01 21:03    

This sounds amazing! Thank you very much for sharing this :)

5.   Posted by DownbeatPower85   2017-07-24 20:35    

This does not work for me...

I have installed it properly, but the engine makes no sound.

EDIT: I didn't have the Shift2_Sounds.rpk lol

I'm a fool.

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