Had a quick run with a FRS friendo of mine.

1.   Posted by STEVE   2017-04-30 19:32    

I dont approve. You shouldnt race on public roads.

2.   Posted by GoverningNick   2017-04-30 19:46    

Look at my gauges. We didn't break 65 mph the whole time.

3.   Posted by STEVE   2017-04-30 20:18    

I didnt really watch the video lol

4.   Posted by GoverningNick   2017-04-30 20:28    


5.   Posted by STEVE   2017-04-30 23:43    

I've just watched it, cant really tell the speed even in fhd full screen, anyways it's ok if that, especially in an highway, i just deeply dislike those that race/go too fast inside cities/villages or near any house.

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