Single bash bar / tubed style front end

My first mod for!

Single bash bar or tubed front end style addon that you can find in body/others.

Thanks to Alexkiller3 for making an RPK for this mod.

Leave a comment and tell me if I should do more of them, or what kind of style do you want. Should fit most cars.
1.   Posted by EXOTI1CSTANCE   2017-04-27 21:27    

Congrats on your first mod

2.   Posted by OwnzzGames   2017-04-27 22:09    

dope man but u should smoothen the edges or edit the polys on the corners so they go into eachother so you have a smooth bend

3.   Posted by Megav0us   2017-04-28 18:56    

Good start :) Keep it up :)

4.   Posted by prominentalex   2017-05-02 01:27    

Bash bars are not angular like that, it compromises rigidity.

5.   Posted by olaeger   2017-06-06 15:46    

it fits in the large n20 canister slot >:v

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