It's a paintjob that makes the S14 look rougher, with rust and stickers.

Here is a paint job for Remco's S14. It is something I made to find a way to separate colours between bumpers.

Anyway to get it onto the S14, do this:

1. Go into XXXX\cars\racers\S14_data\textures.

2. Rename paint.png by to something that isn't anything already in the folder. EXAMPLE: paint1.png

3. Download the file and PM me for the password and do not share it because efforts to avoid people copying it and claiming it's theirs or putting it on modzona even if it's really bad.

4. Copy that from wherever you downloaded it to, to XXXX\cars\racers\S14_data\textures.

5. Open up SLRR and do either A or B (OR C)

A. Buy a whole new car from the catalogue.

B. Buy a body panel for your current S14 with the new texture. Use the copy tool on the new body panel and then paint onto the rest of the panels on car.

C. Your S14 in garage may just use the textures by default so ignore everything but the rest of the of this.

To get it off the S14:

A. Delete it and rename the default paint.png (from whatever you renamed it to EXAMPLE: paint.png to paint1.png to paint.png) to paint.png.

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Another picture:

By the way some of the black and pink front bumper has been solved just need to figure out how to sort the rest.

Also as said just PM me for the password.

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