Drift/Street Style paint jobs for Remco's S14

As in Title..
3 Paintjobs, one has two colourways.

1.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2017-01-26 10:43    

Oooh very cool shit! :D

2.   Posted by yurisminator   2017-01-26 11:47    

Pretty cool man!

Id like to see more of your work, make a thread for your paintjobs :D

3.   Posted by Nismo_Lithuania   2017-01-26 16:39    

Thank you for making a skin for my dream car!!!!!!

4.   Posted by ShadowTuner   2017-01-27 00:08    

probably gonna sound like a complete noob eventhough i play this game for a long as time but since i absolutely love both the car and the paintjobs ... where do you place them?

5.   Posted by Crook   2017-01-29 23:44    

@ShadowTuner, rename your "paintjob" or "paint" file, I can't remember which of the two it is but there is a file with one of those names, delete it and add this file in and name it that, it is in the S14's data file in cars/racers.

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