Night drift in hachiroku

1.   Posted by IMtheREALionKING   2017-01-17 18:12    

dude, doge, this was freaking sweet and i actually learned a few tricks from you! Keep it up!

2.   Posted by Sleepin mOnkey   2017-01-18 23:09    

Great job man

3.   Posted by George_Monroe   2017-01-20 12:15    

Not correct. You need 2 screens - Without car and with car. Careful cut car to screen without car with Motion Blur. You can use Virtual rig for best motion blur.

4.   Posted by thor-04   2017-01-31 01:47    

you forgot to blur the top of the rain haha
anyways, a really good job!

btw what tool you used for the motion blur?

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