Is highly suggested download VStanced HD plates to fully enjoy this mod.


- Stock colors from catalog/dealership
- Color palette for BB93 SLRR2015 (colors code from Forza Horizon db file)
- Rims
- Brakes
- 3D tire
- Engine (with custom sounds and almost correct specs )
- Correct prices
- Correct weights
- Some kits in catalog
- A lot of custom parts
- Custom flares/glows
- Custom reflections for all materials (you can change/remove if you dont like)
- Custom cameras
- Custom physics
- Good handling
- Some extras in "textures" folder (such as stock colors, uvw mappings, etc..)
- Compatible with VStanced HD Plates
- Compatible with SLRR 2.3.1
- Much more

Forza Horizon: Models and textures
Project Cars: Engine and some other parts
Bigg Boss93: 3D tire
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1.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2016-09-07 15:41    

looks sick man!

2.   Posted by UltimateStance   2016-09-07 17:43    

Aha! Still not the MK2! I'm gonna make that after my wagon.

3.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2016-09-07 18:19    


4.   Posted by Benny   2016-09-07 18:49    

The car is fucking badass, just I was wondering where is the engine that you guys ment in the features since I don't see it in the winrar, and in the game.

5.   Posted by Benny   2016-09-07 19:11    

NVM Found it

6.   Posted by ShadowTuner   2016-09-08 10:28    

sweet lawd jebus this car looks amazing! nice job dude!

7.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2016-09-08 11:37    

Well done man, you're doing some sick shit :O

Gonna try it asap

8.   Posted by adnan54   2016-09-08 16:29    

Thanks :D

9.   Posted by Ej1Richie201   2016-09-08 21:54    

cant find the engine..looked in textures can someone show me what I'm doing wrong lol

10.   Posted by ShadowTuner   2016-09-08 23:38    

enginepacks or whatever it's called ( right bottom in engines ) ^

11.   Posted by ZeprarexVII   2016-09-10 22:33    

sick that it works with 2.3.1, now I can drift it!

12.   Posted by ZeprarexVII   2016-09-11 18:58    


13.   Posted by Duex11   2016-09-13 16:11    

Answome !

14.   Posted by 13stewartc   2016-09-21 23:01    

This mod was flawless within first 2 hour of gameplay, but had problems in catalog and also when trying to access city.

when i went to catalog, and chassis, and i would skip six pages (to access other chassis) and game would crash. also when trying to access city game would crash. This is a really good quality mod and i would love to see this issue fixed :-) I re-installed the game completely clean and there was no error or crash, then i installed all the other mods i use, and still no crash. I then re-installed this mod and then i had crash again. Could be my other mods conflicting with this one but i don't understand how that could be as i didn't install any new mods with this installed. i understand that the steam version of SLRR is very buggy at the moment so it is probably nothing. But i thought i would put this out there so you guys know, but don't let this comment put you off.

15.   Posted by kostas72   2017-01-13 15:38    

i cant install the engine i have the engine but i cant install it

16.   Posted by UltimateStance   2017-01-28 13:13    

This is the one of, if not the best performing road cars in the game. Runs absolutely beautifully.
This is one of the most capable track cars, make no mistake. It can do 0-60 runs in around 4 secs standard and it's absolutely flawless around corners. The brakes are fantastic and the engine revs quickly through its gears.
The speedometer is slightly off, but that's not hard to fix.

Absolutely beautiful work!

17.   Posted by carlos gomez   2017-02-24 04:02    


18.   Posted by BMWPrincess   2017-04-19 09:22    

This car looks amazing :pimping:

19.   Posted by Zexish   2017-09-19 00:10    

This thing is a rocket with suspension swap!
Works great on my STAGE1

20.   Posted by husk1c   2018-06-03 00:03    

is it me or the drives looks like edin dzeko???

21.   Posted by walmartone   2019-05-17 16:33    


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