Some steering wheels by artist BOUM86!

Hello everyone! I decided to convert BOUM86s steering wheel pack he released. The pack contains 8 steering wheels with actual 4 meshes with 2 variants per, it includes Vertex 10 Star in Red or Blue, ATC Volanti Sportivi in original and KEY'S Racing edition, Nardi Deep corn in polished centre and powder coated/black finish, and MoMo Monte Carlo with Spoon horn button and a standard black/MoMo horn button.

1.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2016-09-04 11:51    

Pics, no?

2.   Posted by hexorrr   2016-09-04 18:13    

3.   Posted by JUDAS_MENTOR   2016-09-04 20:14    

Totally spaced the pics sorry guys, will fix after breakfast :) Also thanks Mike for the pics.

4.   Posted by hexorrr   2016-09-05 11:48    

Np, it is a very nice pack and i am happy that spoon steering wheel is finally converted to slrr.

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