-Model With Textures HQ
-Wheels Originals
-2 Bumpers Front
-2 Rear covers

-Animation Of glasses

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1.   Posted by Herecomedatboi   2016-08-21 06:15    

it crashed my game how do i make it work

2.   Posted by Axeman1337   2016-08-31 17:53    

ive been waiting for this, could you do a vauxhall monaro like the one in most wanted and add it as a bodykit to this pls? anyways keep up gud work

3.   Posted by SupraX   2017-01-01 16:10    

Cool Wheels, private? Or wip?

4.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2017-05-13 00:22    

^ One of Franco's rimpacks

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