It's been four months and twenty days in development, now the ultimate Bugatti Veyron pack is complete.
This is the release video, it shows all the models in the pack,
plus some features.

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1.   Posted by ALAN   2016-07-05 15:52    

And how about you make proper download page?

2.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2016-07-05 15:58    


please submit a proper download page.

advertising on VStanced is a no no and this is essentially what you're doing.

3.   Posted by UltimateStance   2016-07-05 15:59    

This is the most wealthy-ass car I have ever seen.

4.   Posted by Andy_Brazil   2016-07-05 16:06    

Ok I'm doing a proper download page...

5.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2016-07-05 16:24    

thank you, updated the page.

6.   Posted by Andy_Brazil   2016-07-05 16:25    

Thanks for the update :D

7.   Posted by Remco   2016-07-05 16:48    

4 months 20 days


8.   Posted by neilatwell25   2016-07-06 14:52    

Now this is what we call excellent work. I beg you to keep up the good work and please upload more.

9.   Posted by Mr. Subaru expert   2016-07-08 00:39    

hopefully this is the first step in making super high quality mods for SLRR. Too many a time have i found a mod that looks really cool, but when i download it it's either buggy af or is a one piece car/engine.

10.   Posted by ALAN   2016-07-08 07:36    

I guess you are living under rocks.

11.   Posted by Moonkeey   2016-07-08 21:01    

Perhaps the time remaining between work, study and course work is less than imagine. This is a great mod, perhaps one of the best

12.   Posted by Andy_Brazil   2016-07-08 22:28    

Yeah 4 months and 20 days, made in the time between work and college, also this is not a drag-drop simple conversion, everything were modeled from scratch. Every physics were done, glows, custom orbs, weight, prices, aerodynamics lines, you can see that even the doors have hinges that fit properly, things that almost nobody do, and takes a lot of time.

Thanks man! Still today there is some incomplete mods that "look cool", but is just a drag-drop from other game...

Thats exactly this! Thanks for the support, bro!

13.   Posted by thor-04   2016-07-10 02:24    

You didn't get the joke of Remco :D Anyways, great mod!

14.   Posted by mukola2296   2016-07-17 07:43    

fu%%k it's just a cool mod!
it is ideal, the author of the super!

15.   Posted by ditarunaaditya   2016-07-20 13:12    

please help me, the enggine rpk is corrupt

16.   Posted by ALAN   2016-07-20 19:56    

Everytime something's corrupt, redownload it. I mean whole archive.

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