2nd released version of my 2JZ sounds.

Make sure you read all the shit below to avoid confusion.

Just another sound mod i made, nothing fancy.

Preview of the sounds:

Engine is included, because lots of people seemed to have issues with that in my previous upload.
Works for 3.4 stroker, 3.2 stroker and the stock engine block.
There is no javas included. Only class-files.
No turbo/bov etc. It's still a work in progress, kind of.

Install: extract the archive in your main folder. (Street Legal Recing - Redline)

Note: if you already have the engine, make sure you delete the block.javas

Thanks Adnan54 for helping with the RPK
1.   Posted by prominentalex   2016-02-24 00:53    

No javas :rolleyes:

2.   Posted by adnan54   2016-02-24 01:36    

Awesome! :awesome:

3.   Posted by Drifty   2016-02-24 12:53    

Thats my bro !

4.   Posted by Ey papa   2016-02-24 15:19    

Amazing Sound

5.   Posted by RenzLER_25   2016-02-24 16:39    

sick bro :thumbsup:

6.   Posted by qevin   2016-02-24 17:08    

Thanks guys :)

7.   Posted by dthug69   2016-03-08 00:53    

THANK YOU!!!!!! :awesome:

8.   Posted by [email protected]   2016-05-29 17:29    

i cant understand no block.javas

9.   Posted by P()tapOFF   2016-06-06 17:18    

cool :3, me really like :awesome: :thumbsup:

10.   Posted by P()tapOFF   2016-06-06 17:18    

cool :3, me really like :awesome: :thumbsup:

11.   Posted by darkofraven   2016-07-27 19:06    

Hi qevin, I love the sounds you made but i can't install them... I have slrr byjack v4 that includes a 2j engine. Can you help me?

thanks a lot

12.   Posted by mentyara   2016-11-30 12:36    

Помогите,как сделать динамическую камеру,Админ помоги пожалуйста дай свою сборку игры((
Ничего не получается.(

13.   Posted by ironking150   2017-02-17 17:59    

well thanks for telling me to 'extract it to slrr main folder' so now the game won't run and i have to fuck about removing the files. all uploaders have to do is include a brief readme so we can install mods correctly. this is the most bitter modding community i've ever come across. its all 'all people do is leech'; how are people supposed to become interested in modding and keeping a game alive if everyone is too conceited to give advice and help? i got into modding games because people did nice things like leaving readme files, so you can understand where things go and become more familiar with the game files. no.. 'drag and drop that there thats enough fucking information i'll let the newbies figure out the rest'. what a bloody shame.

14.   Posted by Jehh   2018-02-13 19:42    

No sound wtf

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