It may have parkable bot cars, but I think I haven't done the co-ordinations. It has a lot of vertexes, so some lag may occur. It'll replace the old CCRP (aka CC-Garage block), so choose which you want to use. This is a unfinished beta track mod, I didn't make a typical cool DL page like they do for car mods.

1.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2016-01-31 19:09    

Sweet! I can totally see myself using this a lot.

2.   Posted by JdmSly   2016-04-03 08:48    

Thx bb this is dope

3.   Posted by BMWe39   2016-12-11 00:35    

its garage or track ? can i fix my car in it xD

4.   Posted by THWOLF00   2016-12-15 21:59    

What's the Save title for the other cars?

5.   Posted by tyretear   2019-07-09 16:58    

save bot cars as "CCRP_car[insert number here]"

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