Is highly suggested download VStanced HD plates to fully enjoy this mod.

Shock absorbers fix
(included on main download since 06/02/2016)


- Stock color from catalog
- Stock color palette for BB93 SLRR2015 (colors code from Forza 4 db files)
- Stock rims
- Stock brake system (2 calipers and 2 rotors)
- 3D tire
- Interior lighting
- Custom flares
- Custom glows
- Custom reflections for all materials (you can change/remove if you dont like)
- Custom cameras
- Custom physics
- Good handling
- Materials with baked ambient occlusion (you can remove if you dont like, just extract the rar named "_NO AMBIENT OCCLUSION" and replace the files located in "TVR_Cerbera_98_data\textures\AO")
- Some custom parts
- Correct flaps
- Some extras in "textures" folder (such as stock colors, uvw mappings, damage textures, etc)
- Compatible with VStanced HD Plates
- Much more

Turn10 Studios/Forza Motorsport 4: Models and textures
Bigg Boss93, Boss'Crew, BrCrew: Beta test and suggestions
Bigg Boss93: 3D tire
Mario: Paintable windows material
Skylines: Intercooler


1.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2016-01-30 21:46    

5 stars out of 5, it's amazing.

2.   Posted by DudeBR   2016-01-30 21:51    

Awesome :)

3.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2016-01-30 22:27    

Great work.

4.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2016-01-30 22:50    

And the engine. It doesn't work in most of combos, but if it do, you got at least 2k HP.

5.   Posted by Axnon   2016-01-31 12:34    

I saw this and immediately had to comment even if I always lurk, Love this, awesome mod, looks sweet getting it right now! :D

6.   Posted by ParkerFM01   2016-01-31 17:48    

I've never been really active in the download section of this website, but oh my god, this is amazing!

7.   Posted by creaper21   2016-01-31 18:13    

Epic Mod Keep Uploading :pimping:

8.   Posted by 495QED   2016-02-01 10:28    

best mod in the world hands down because it is a TVR

9.   Posted by adnan54   2016-02-01 15:30    

I didn't expect that one day a mod made by me would reach 5 stars in VStanced, it is really awesome!!! Thanks for the support, it is really important to me :D

10.   Posted by ricout   2016-02-01 18:10    

perfect adnan, u are my hero!

11.   Posted by Gzee   2016-02-03 17:24    

Hey dude, awesome mod

12.   Posted by finalhour Joker   2016-03-04 08:31    

IMO this is the ultimate supercar. 800hp at minimum 2,200 pounds(1,000kg), bugatti veyron grand vitasse is nearly double that and only 400hp more.

13.   Posted by berettajogos   2016-11-11 19:29    

this looks good,one of my favourite cars,but only when I use the SLRR editor gives error,help me plz :(

14.   Posted by JabBR   2017-07-24 05:00    

it doesnt appear on the catalog

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