Make Your Own License Plates!

VStanced HD Plates - Photoshop Templates

Every single plate template that RedCarDriver and Bigg Boss93 have made so far, in 2500x2500 PSD format.

Fair warning, this is a big download!

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1.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2015-12-31 21:16    

Hey, can you make Polish plate for EU shape?

2.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2015-12-31 21:40    

Poland license plates (with "KEEJAY" and "SLRR PL" samples). This was a fairly quick edit.

I'll add those to the big archives once I have a few more updates, but right now I don't feel like updating a huge file again. :P

3.   Posted by thyago95   2015-12-31 23:07    

i have done some ones too
portuguesm russian and some more

4.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2016-01-09 00:33    

Update (2016-01-08) Added the following plate templates:
US - Texas (1999 color)
US - California retro
AU - Tasmania regular
AU - Tasmania custom black
EU - Poland

5.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2016-01-25 21:38    

Update (2016-01-25):
Added the following plate templates:
US - Massachusetts
US - New Jersey
US - Oregon
US - Massachusetts

Also added the following templates, as complete remakes from scratch of Thyago's plates:
AU - Brazil
DE - Portugal
DE - Russia
EU - Portugal
EU - Russia

Also updated US_Puerto_Rico.psd (under "Bigg Boss93 Updated" -> "US").

6.   Posted by OwnzzGames   2016-03-02 20:44    

Hey can you please make a dutch(NL) plate id love that so much

7.   Posted by RedCarDriver   2016-03-05 00:45    

It's made! Download the file again.

(Sorry, wasn't announced as an update.)

8.   Posted by vahe5   2016-09-28 20:02    

Hi i wanted to know are you planning to add Armenian licence plate templates in this pack? there is an example of an Armenian lp on my profile pic

9.   Posted by Bogi76   2016-11-19 21:52    

Serbian Plates plz? it would mean a lot to me!

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