br car.
complete conversion ! with installed rims , custom lights , speedo and RPM functional

1.   Posted by Unseen.   2015-08-10 21:29    

With trailer hook? That looks nice :)

As long as you can make mods, make sure to keep up the work!

2.   Posted by joaovitorss   2015-08-11 02:11    

thanks man!! :awesome:

3.   Posted by PXRZ   2015-08-11 08:55    

I like how you make mods of cars that you donĀ“t see either very often (as mods) and are nearly unknown in the rest of the world (etc cars that only gets assembled in a certain country or hemisphere).

4.   Posted by joaovitorss   2015-08-12 03:14    

Yes, the cars that do are of Brazil. aki and they are popular like this. for example . one of the most sold aki. :)

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