0.8.7 RC

VW Corrado: G60 | VR6 | RIEGER

- Many anim parts
- New non SLRR Suspension
- New brakes with special scripts
- Works on valo city
- Many parts | more than ~100

The most advanced mod what have You ever seen.
1.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2015-08-06 16:09    

The most advanced mod what have You ever seen.
I don't know is this the most advanced mod, but it's surely the biggest .rar size car mod.

2.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2015-08-06 17:25    

Well, overall it's good thing, but way to complex (IMO).

One of biggest con are random crashes in catalog (probably due to engine's scripting).

3.   Posted by Polanica   2015-08-06 19:26    

Best mod ever!!! :) :) :) :) :) :)

4.   Posted by Lonris3r   2015-08-06 20:17    

KeeJay widzę, że jesteś z polski to odpiszę po polsku, bo mój angielski jest kulawy..
CorradoSKJ nie przerabiał samego parts.rpk tylko użył silnika VR6 wydanego już wcześniej przez SMZ ?
Ja działam na czystym MWM + swoje usprawnienia i nie miałem żadnych błędów.. jedyne co on zrobił z sinikiem to optymalizacja pod słabsze komputery.

5.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2015-08-07 08:23    

Nie wiem, ja pod BBSLRR'em mam po prostu crashe bez powodu (i bez wpisów w error.logu) - najczęśćiej właśnie w zakładce Silniki w katalogu. Nie obwiniam za to CorradoSKJ-ta.

6.   Posted by Coprone   2015-08-07 08:40    

What about talking in language that is allowed here?

7.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2015-08-07 10:25    

Well, Lonris3r said that his English is crap, so he'd rather write it in Polish.

And he says that in his clean 2.2.1MWM it works well.

8.   Posted by doge   2015-08-07 11:16    

!Cannot parse class "java.game.parts.bodypart.AnimeParts" in file "java.game.cars.fr_seat_2_b" at line 26
crashes when i open seats

9.   Posted by Unseen.   2015-08-07 11:35    

Even Kee says it's too complicated? I'll just skip this one then.......

10.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2015-08-07 21:44    

but way to complex
Uh, I meant way too complex.

11.   Posted by Runaeh   2015-08-10 20:48    

every time i tune the vr 6 engine it says theres a problem the starter after..

12.   Posted by Deej smiles-yo   2015-08-10 22:06    

Can sebody upload this mod on media fire that link sucks

13.   Posted by BadBoyKilla   2015-11-04 16:53    

great work indeed but i can't seem to make the vr6 work... "Problem with the starter"

14.   Posted by JoNnii   2016-02-09 13:08    

Use one of the other transmissions, not the adjustable one. It works fine then.

I don't know what's wrong with your games guys, it works like a charm for me in every aspect.
And if THIS is too complex, you might want to quit playing SLRR anyways. ;)
It's another easy Plug&Play mod and build.

After all the BEST mod I've ever had. The parts are amazing, and not even done yet (Beta) as I've
read somewhere. The variations are amazing, the quality of the models and everything are wonderful.
The PHYSICS are so advanced it's amazing fun to drive, which is a FIRST in SLRR. Usually it just feels like an
early mobile game of some weird developer.

Building only was the entertaining part in SLRR for long, until this mod.

The sounds of this car are really realistic and I'd put them on one level
with modern tripple A title games like Forza and co., which is another first.

The ONLY things I don't like at the moment are:

- transparent front lip (Inner side)
- transparent roof liner
- The ''Naba'' for the sports steering whel does not work on the G60, only VR6.

Overall I just have to tell you guys my biggest respect and a big THANK YOU.
I really appreciate the work you put into this, and I'm amazed of it,
let alone the tiny details and animations.

Just leaves me hoping to see more cars by you in the future ;)

15.   Posted by georgy2001   2018-08-29 18:55    

Cool mod,but the models are awful, especially the Rieger body. The best thing is it`s own engine and suspension, animations are olso cool. But the model ruins everything

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