This is early BETA release of another screenshot map mod that have been sitting on my & Robustock's PC for quite long time. I'm a bit off SLRR now & decided to release this bad motherfucker.
First off, some of these models in the garage are NOT mine (ripped from Grid). VStanced sign is made by our lord BiggBoss93. I suggest not going full throttle in the garage in order not to break your car, I just wanted to make this realistic as possible - in my "imagination" it is a small car modding workshop.
You can save up to 4 bot cars (they won't drive, duh) in the garage by naming saved car as "CCVS1" up to "CCVS4".
You are available to upload this mod to other sites with my credit, but please, give me a PM first. Oh and by the way, file is password protected & only available for VStanced members. Don't ask for password, if you can't figure or find it, you're too "light-minded" to use this ;)

password: allhailcoprone
1.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2015-06-19 13:29    


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3.   Posted by blast   2015-06-19 14:40    

Dopeness !!

4.   Posted by TheSkidKid   2015-06-19 15:08    


5.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2015-06-19 15:57    

on a different note.. WHY U NO PUT NIGHT LIGHTS :ahole:

6.   Posted by JCslides   2015-06-19 16:28    

lol nice

7.   Posted by Coprone   2015-06-19 16:51    

Jesus Christ:
on a different note.. WHY U NO PUT NIGHT LIGHTS :ahole:
because I'm (attempting) to work on these & yet it's early beta

8.   Posted by gt3076r   2015-06-20 00:19    


9.   Posted by Coprone   2015-06-20 07:48    

HINT: password is in the post

10.   Posted by Robustock   2015-06-20 07:53    

password: allhailcoprone

11.   Posted by Coprone   2015-06-20 08:35    

you spoiler :D

12.   Posted by motordaniel   2015-06-20 15:16    

im way too stupid about saving cars in to the map - could some one explain it to me?

13.   Posted by Coprone   2015-06-20 15:24    

Build a car you like in career mode & go back to the main menu. There you'll see a text "Save car" somewhere & click on it. Save it as said before (name)

14.   Posted by nemezis   2015-06-20 16:05    

ok call me stupid....i see the password but its not working for me...

15.   Posted by motordaniel   2015-06-20 16:57    

the password is: allhailcoprone

16.   Posted by Automotive Gaming   2015-06-21 11:51    

Caprone nailed it once again! :-X

17.   Posted by Coprone   2015-06-21 13:49    

seems like I like to nail things

18.   Posted by ThaGhost   2015-06-23 23:09    

No password anymore??? About to try it.

19.   Posted by CallMeSidewinder   2015-06-24 19:16    

Awwww sheet.

!JVM::compileSource: recompilation needed of "maps\Addon_Maps\CCVS\Scripts\src\" but source not exists
!JVM::compileSource: file not found: "maps\Addon_Maps\CCVS\Scripts\src\"
!JavaMachine::loadClass: failed to load maps\Addon_Maps\CCVS\Scripts\CCVS.class
create: Undefined GameType Constructor! 00AE0004 (Script)

20.   Posted by CallMeSidewinder   2015-06-24 19:22    

Nevermind I fixed it. Great mod. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

21.   Posted by nickolin31   2015-06-25 18:23    

btw how should i install it :D

22.   Posted by Eric   2015-06-27 10:52    

please password??

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24.   Posted by Poeyjustshot   2015-07-12 04:12    


25.   Posted by MikeStoneJr   2015-08-04 10:38    

Coprone Is the one smart cookie xD Great work Homie <3

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