Modification 1 includes a fully stocked box:
- BMW 5 series (E60) 2009
high-end models
High-quality texture
High quality interior
medium settings physics and headlights
are 3 type front grille:
- Full Chrome
- Full black
- Paintable with black
chrome and black There logos:
- logo on the hood
- logo on the trunk
- M5 logo on the trunk
present additional rear optics
present own exhaust system with silencer
1.   Posted by m50b30   2018-07-11 18:14    

nice one, im going to try it.

2.   Posted by m50b30   2018-07-12 09:08    

i found 1 problem, catalog was bugged, and front pumper cant install

3.   Posted by LegendKnight   2019-06-06 16:43    

Is there a way you can update to fix the front bumper

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