Just For Screenshots

This is a addon map just for screenshots, did it in 2 variations Asphalt floor and Wooden Floor.
Both comes with working lights at night time.
**Recommended Use It only at Night Time**


Have Fun :D
1.   Posted by yurisminator   2015-06-03 09:25    

this garage loooooooooks sooooooooooooooooooo dope!

too bad i dont play slrr anymore :P

2.   Posted by dowdow   2015-06-03 09:26    

like it !!!

3.   Posted by adnan54   2015-06-03 18:35    


4.   Posted by Dr.Hax101   2015-06-03 21:58    

I loaded it up and the floor isnt textured at all? Help plez

5.   Posted by Torres1895   2015-06-03 22:05    

Thanks guys!! Dr.Hax101 u can try lowering the resolution of the floor texture that should help but the floor will not look the same :)

6.   Posted by Dr.Hax101   2015-06-03 22:07    

I figured out the problem thanks anyway Torres! Btw map is awesome 10/10

7.   Posted by Duex11   2015-07-23 11:46    


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