Ok its been quite sometime since i released this mod and for a while now i've been getting request from people for the scripts and explanations on how to do things. I simply dont have the time to do explanations so here is my full sources for the running gear. In the rar you will find everything:

- original javas
- my rbd file
- the reference images i used
- the psd files for the textures and such
- the max files for the models
- an excel spreadsheet that i used as a map for all the ids in the mod so that you can easily reference things
- the cfgs

Feel free to improve on them for your own use or if you wish upgrade the mod and re release it. Of course do give some credit where its due.
1.   Posted by THXFORURAWESOMEMODS   2016-10-15 22:46    

where 2 install at?

2.   Posted by Batle   2016-11-27 18:31    

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