Includes fixes and sounds

Same old 2JZ-GTE with fixed catalog placements and new engine sounds(includes BOV)
Recreated engine block java with the same specifications and turbo recognition script(credits to Harrison15 for the script)
1.   Posted by PXRZ   2014-11-01 20:12    

Hey, could you make the 1JZ (newer) engine be compatible with the MWM version too?

2.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2014-11-01 20:13    

It's time for

3.   Posted by mindeliszz   2014-11-01 20:22    


4.   Posted by Shipleyb2   2015-01-17 05:20    

tha2`nk you sooo much for this

5.   Posted by jdmlover666   2015-02-08 18:24    

i get an rpk error when i try to engine in the game. at start up the games freezes and shuts down anything i could do??

6.   Posted by josephtitox   2015-04-05 21:39    


7.   Posted by claudiu99   2015-05-23 19:21    

I have a problem , I go motor racing map only Toyota but I do not go valo city gives me crash the windows why?

8.   Posted by mercone   2015-05-28 18:03    

same here

9.   Posted by Nexblade96   2015-05-28 20:55    

yeah valo city crashes but not the other maps :confused2:

10.   Posted by dinepras   2016-05-15 10:43    

i fink that it crash in valo city because one of original cars made to be compactyble with this engine. sorry bad english :D

11.   Posted by VolkSwagger9384   2016-05-29 02:53    


12.   Posted by JDMxOPPRESSIONx   2018-01-15 19:35    

No Camshaft Bearing?

13.   Posted by janaan   2018-04-30 12:11    

thank bro

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