My colour mod

Hello guys this is the first mod I do. this is a mod that I came to develop, it is the color mod. Has about a thousand different colors all the various tones and some unique as well.
The file contains one has two ENVS matt chrome and another to have different styles and tones.
The beginning of the whole mod ta organized then towards the end contains the most assorted colors. Future cast all orgazinado
I hope you enjoy
Enjoy it

1.   Posted by PXRZ   2014-10-17 10:02    

what car is the middle of the bottom ones? a VW "Gol"?

2.   Posted by Nero-666-1303   2014-10-17 12:37    

yes it is

3.   Posted by EdwardxD   2018-11-17 01:29    

How do I install the color mod? now is that I start playing SLRR

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