"secrets" of the mod:

guys the grills are paintables same as the logo, and the wires of the hanging light

and if you buy the cross for the dual light, click on them with the edit tool

and for all the paintjob makers...

if you look in the textures folder of the caddy there is a template to use to make paintjobs... the template contains the army paintjob that i used...

so save your painjob in game, do whatever you want on the template and replace ALL the files of the painjob with the template
1.   Posted by ddrgtr   2010-06-08 21:59    

ouo good car man

2.   Posted by mitro231   2011-06-26 17:56    


3.   Posted by da_dre   2012-10-11 00:57    

Looks sweeet! Can I get a 4shared link of the caddy and
the jetta mk1. If possible please. Keep up da good work franco.

4.   Posted by Ogre   2013-03-21 10:05    

Haha cool :)

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