326 Power coilover textures + dampening tuning wide range!!!

Wanna GIT low???

I recommend 6500nms front 3700nms rear

clink the link for neon coloured suspension action!!!

many more to come part of my ultimate JDM Coilover retexture/spec pack.
1.   Posted by PXRZ   2014-09-23 17:42    

The link seems messed up since I might get to the site but shows nothing but a blanch page.

2.   Posted by JUDAS_MENTOR   2014-09-23 18:56    

Have you tried the forum download? Both come up fine for me (came up on my GFs lap top too), if not try the link towards the bottom.

3.   Posted by PXRZ   2014-09-23 21:26    

It works now, and also I would like to ask: can I make this as an addon so you can both use this and the original running gear by MrSir at the same time?

4.   Posted by JUDAS_MENTOR   2014-09-23 22:24    

this will simply retexture and reconfigure the dampening tuning option to not be as limited, this pack here replaces both the HKS Drag and HKS Sport coilovers and springs, I still have yet to finish the DMax coilover skin but will update. This mod will work perfectly along side MisterSirs original pack, however if you want the original skins you will need to drag and drop them back into the textures folder.

5.   Posted by maddrifter   2014-09-24 10:45    

for some reason I added this over the original and it crashes the game

6.   Posted by Frostyfox   2014-10-21 20:52    

what are those floating things?

7.   Posted by onevia   2014-12-01 02:52    

im really not sure where im supposed to put the folder at, any help would be appreciated

8.   Posted by Driftphantom   2014-12-29 15:22    

what do I do with the running gear map.xls ?

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