The modification includes 2 Chassis:
- McLaren F1
- McLaren F1 LM * Note: Each Chassis has ITS own rims different Size Front and REAR and tires to Them High quality model High quality texture High quality interior Custom settings of lights Custom settings of Physics Car sold Fully assembled in stores 4 Included own rims and Tyres, Front and REAR of different sizes There are Police car Flashers Fully working Dashboard, the gauges Indicate the information VEHICLE RPM and Speed ??in Real time There is own Engine, consist of the parts one, available as A Monolith Specification of Engine: - Displacement: 4600 cc - Cylinders: 12 - Engine Location: Longitudinal - Type: V Engine - Flywheel Peak power: 546 HP at 6000 RPM - Flywheel Peak Torque: 533 Nm at 5750 RPM * Important: Not guaranteed to work of the engine on SLRR by Jack (builds)
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