Have Fun!

-Stock parts
-Used stock parts
-EU and US parts
-Racing parts
-Custom bodykit
-2 different sets of fender flares
-wide fenders
-comes fully built in catalog, uses the 4A-GE from JDW's AE86
-has it's own wheels & tyres

1.   Posted by Gastroker   2014-09-10 13:37    

Nice car!

2.   Posted by hitman3695   2014-09-10 13:59    

Love the way the stock interior looks ;)

3.   Posted by Snowfox   2014-09-10 14:07    

Aaaaaaaawwww yyeeeaaaahhh! This looks awesome! :awesome:

4.   Posted by MudaPuckGui   2014-09-10 16:10    

Very Awesome!

5.   Posted by kenGURU   2014-09-10 16:49    

amazing, thank you :D

6.   Posted by kenGURU   2014-09-10 16:49    

amazing, thank you :D

7.   Posted by rtv190   2014-09-10 18:16    


8.   Posted by ShadowTuner   2014-09-10 21:50    

same problem ^

9.   Posted by OlDirtyBurton   2014-09-11 01:34    

I am not worthy.

10.   Posted by t_freshington   2014-09-11 07:18    

This is amazing, I love throwing this little thing around, especially the beater version. Low poly FTW!

11.   Posted by stonedmonster   2014-09-11 08:15    

i have wanted this car for agesssss

12.   Posted by edi07kehed   2014-09-11 08:59    


did u read the text? "use 4A-GE" it means that car has same script with corolla AE86, it can't added more engine for a car :blahblah: :wiseman: :wtf:

13.   Posted by Sam9001   2014-09-11 12:45    

That is weird, it had the SLRR editor problem originally but i fixed it.

It should work.

14.   Posted by stonedmonster   2014-09-11 15:52    

it works fine and so did the ae86 i never had a problem with either

15.   Posted by Coprone   2014-09-11 16:44    

finally a good-shaped "your mom's" styled car

16.   Posted by ShadowTuner   2014-09-13 07:19    

when i buy it build, there is no engine in it, when i want to add the 4A-GE in editor my editor crashes ... either i did something wrong ( although i doubt since i just extracted it to my game like i do with all other mods ) or something went wrong with the mod :( i replied on fb to if you know what i mean, the prev one worked excelent for me but the fix doesnt want to work :(

17.   Posted by 82Corvette   2014-09-13 23:58    

4A-GE doesn't work on 2.2.1 MWM. Any fixes? Thanks.

18.   Posted by g4tnt   2014-09-14 21:37    

fun lil car my bro drives one at the moment there hardy cars

19.   Posted by Kensupra86   2014-09-15 09:41    

sweet mod, great job guys.

20.   Posted by butards24   2014-09-17 02:54    

love this car. i hope there's also the sprinter version :) thumbs up

21.   Posted by lhm8884   2014-09-19 13:54    

Thanks a lot!

22.   Posted by Wolfy   2014-10-13 08:20    

works on 2.3.0 le :D and very good job i love maken a sleeper out of this.

23.   Posted by zahahayo   2014-10-26 18:26    

:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

24.   Posted by ridwankete   2014-11-11 17:57    

this awesome anjing siah!!

25.   Posted by peugueot205gt   2015-01-12 19:48    

nice car recommend installing it. if done right it can be a good racer!

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