Intercooler as exterior part!

HKS Intercooler

So, people have worried that they have a neat engine mod with nice intercooler, but just to fit cooler sometimes engine block & cylinder heads are too dickhead & jump out from the bonnet. So I decided to use Anatoly's intercooler model & slashed it as vehicle body accesory, so now you can use that intercooler with ANY engine! The part can be found in Interior's Decoration page

If the link doesn't want to work, shoot me an PM any time & I'll fix it
1.   Posted by cate   2014-09-02 13:49    

It doesn`t work with any engine... I cant fit on bmw, vr38dett, ls and other engines...

2.   Posted by Coprone   2014-09-02 13:55    

That attaches to vehicle's trunk usually.

3.   Posted by cate   2014-09-02 14:01    

I know that but it can`t be attached... i hear that creepy sound and intercooler is not on the car :/

4.   Posted by Coprone   2014-09-02 14:07    

Hm.. then your car is badly scripted lol

5.   Posted by stonedmonster   2014-09-02 16:26    

thanks awesome mod have thought about doing this alot but im too lazy but yeah saves me using a poop engine for the intercooler

6.   Posted by Gastroker   2014-09-02 17:59    

nice mod, I like it :)

7.   Posted by PzyDuck   2014-09-02 21:30    

Please next time use Mediafire. Nice mod, tho.

8.   Posted by mindeliszz   2014-09-03 19:55    

why it's attached to trunk? why not chassis? or engine block? :)

9.   Posted by Coprone   2014-09-04 12:52    

cuz I can't script that good lol. now i found out that it also gets attached to bumper sometimes

10.   Posted by vovi4   2014-09-06 15:47    


11.   Posted by andrmont01   2015-07-20 17:18    

where do i need to put the files?? im a n00b

12.   Posted by AtomicCraZe   2015-08-31 13:16    

It dosnt work with my car which has the DevilV6 engine :(

13.   Posted by totaemam   2016-01-28 20:33    

fix link pleaase :) :) :) :) :) :)

14.   Posted by totaemam   2016-01-28 20:35    

fix link this link dosent work please work fast iwant to try this file

15.   Posted by ZeprarexVII   2016-08-24 17:09    

it doesn't move

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