Hello everyone, ENBSeries has been using by SLRR players for quite a long time.

We seen many cool presets, yet most of them are user-defined and are not released.

So I decided to put up my most recent result, based on Glik's preset. A little tweak was given, like amount of ambient occlusion, adjusted bloom strength (super bright to almost none) and stronger color correction.

I don't know if this will look good on other cars, tested on BB's RS4 and NRT's JZZ30, and it looks good on both. So what car you're using is not a problem, I guess.

One or two preview pics below:

1.   Posted by Daniel   2014-08-20 14:07    

"We seen many cool presets, yet most of them are user-defined and are not released."


2.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2014-08-20 15:31    

I think he meant that they're private.
BTW: My Vorsteiners?

3.   Posted by Daniel   2014-08-20 16:17    

Doesn't matter what he ment. He's exaggerating.

And yes, they are yours. (Mine has black lug nuts).

4.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2014-08-25 18:11    

actually he's right most of the enb pre-sets are not released :) the same people that keep VIP shit to them selves also keep ENB configs which is just lolworthy.. greedy fucks all I can say ;)

5.   Posted by Daniel   2014-08-25 21:48    

Dunno lol.. lots of people use bigstanks enb, or any of those things Doter99 came with a while back.

6.   Posted by doge   2015-09-26 12:14    

no aa..

7.   Posted by Bravo   2015-12-04 22:07    

Thanks! :thumbsup:

8.   Posted by mukola2296   2016-01-08 12:25    

to which button activation?

9.   Posted by RoaR   2016-06-28 11:06    

My game is very blurry when i actived

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