Real Stuff Workshop

The author modifaction: Alexander Alexandrov
The author of 3D model: Forza motorsports 4/ Turn 10
Tested on 2.2.1MWM

The modification includes 1 Chassis:
- Stock Pontiac Trans Am fully build from catalog (I believe :P)
- Stock rim and tire
- Custom Light Glows
- Cleaned Catalog
- Additional hoods, custom race splitter (front/rear) and rollcage
- Two options of front lights - stock and caps
- only stock windows
- Detachable phoenix (?) hood decal

1.   Posted by JoeAlex   2014-07-29 00:52    

I have one little question for you, just one question..
Why, just why you upload those mods here? i guess if the author really want those mods here he should upload it but i never saw him uploading something here, every SLRR player knows, just saying.

2.   Posted by BluExplosions   2014-07-29 02:34    

@JoeAlex thats what I thought

3.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2014-07-29 06:41    

@JoeAlex - why not? Not everybody goes to small unknown russian pages for mods.

4.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2014-07-29 08:29    

I agree.. they upload our mods to russian sites we might as well share their mods at english site eh ;)

5.   Posted by yurisminator   2014-07-29 09:25    

at the end of the day its all just SLRR anyways.

So how about we just release all the mods?

@RS crew, tasty Trans Am!

6.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2014-07-29 10:42    

Yeah, yeah, take stuff from SLRR sites all around the world. Wait, there is *cockzona*

7.   Posted by Mario   2014-07-29 13:20    

Also, RealStuff's mods got same quality as VS ones ;) So these are good mods and deserve to be in VS:)

8.   Posted by Leo   2014-07-29 14:31    

sorry but the speedometer doesn't work and, i don't know why, the trailing arms goes out of the chassis of the car D:

9.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2014-07-29 15:51    

Trailing arms goes out the chassis? Which arms you use?

10.   Posted by naterade   2014-07-29 17:30    

anyone know if it works on 230LE?

11.   Posted by Leo   2014-07-29 19:24    

i use the game ones

12.   Posted by Leo   2014-07-29 19:26    

yes it works on 2.3.0 Le

13.   Posted by Amida   2014-07-30 10:50    

@KeeJay cockzona? lol, if you having disgusted their site, why do you visit it?

14.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2014-07-30 11:27    

@Leo - Dunno, I don't have that problem.
@Amida - I'm not. But since admins don't like them, I though I should not write original name (advise it) ;)

15.   Posted by Amida   2014-07-30 20:21    

@KeeJay I just am one of the administrators modzona, I think you know me, by descriptions
and these words from the community vstanced very, very fed up...
About the relationship between modzona and vstanced i had a conversation with one person from vstanced. However, as can be seen no change... although I was assured that everything will be different.

16.   Posted by Holy Shit Man   2014-07-31 07:39    


17.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2014-07-31 18:54    

I assure you that you should speak with me the owner of VStanced about any changes relating us and modzona :) if you discuss it with one of our members that doesn't mean I agree with it.

18.   Posted by Amida   2014-08-01 07:10    

Ok, I have heard you

19.   Posted by Conti89   2014-09-13 22:35    

works great on 2.3.0 LE for me THANKS

20.   Posted by rtv190   2014-10-22 20:56    

well guys i could upload the metric fuckton of mods i downloaded from FraudZona just ask me what mod you want and i'll upload it

21.   Posted by moh supercharged   2015-08-18 10:44    

for me its amazing car thumbs up

22.   Posted by Slakkie99   2017-08-28 13:53    

Can you PLEASE fix the download link, it says the user is suspended.

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