picture from - pette.mk3

The modification author: Maxim Volkov aka zO_ombie
Version: 0.1
The modification WAS Tested on versions 2.2.1MWM and LE2MWM


The modification includes 1 Chassis:
- Hudson Hornet
Custom setting of lights
Inclusion 2 Front bumpers
hood 3 Inclusion
Inclusion Engine (has no function of the Engine is A "hollow" Predominantly for Creating Screenshots)
1.   Posted by qevin   2013-12-12 09:48    

So awesome! Thanks JC :)

2.   Posted by slamsung   2013-12-21 08:00    

i love this car.. just he history is crazy

3.   Posted by leometal_maiden   2015-02-07 12:09    

Very good. Thanks!

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