Beta 0.3d

Toyota Corolla Sprinter Trueno AE86


Original mod JDW team
Fixes, modifications, parts added Davidov
Engine TimEK9, modified by JDW
Special thanks JAG, theREALionKING
Levin parts by JDW team and BiggBoss93

Okay, long story short: JDW was working on this for a long time. They released betas 0.1 and 0.2. The latter was "fixed" and re-released by JAG who also added a few extra parts. Beta 0.3 was never released officially. I took the liberty of fixing some things with the car and engine, adding stuff, etc. Nobody knows what happened to the original JDW project. I don't remember where I had the 0.3 beta from, but I have it.

Now I'm re-releasing this as Beta 0.3a.


Everything is in the proper catalog section.
Suspension scripted
Stock parts scripted (now it comes fully built from the catalog)
Added paintable Kouki and Zenki front bumpers from JAG's o.2
Added paintable rear bumper from JAG's 0.2
Added ITB and filters from the original 4A-GE by TimEK9

Fixed some scripts for the engine
Fixed some scripts for the car
Got rid of "supercharger" bug.
Added exhaust for those who don't wish to use the 4A-GE and/or want custom mufflers.
Fixed ITBs.

0.3c CLICK ME TO GET 0.3c version
Added Levin parts and chassis.
Fixed bug where only the Zenki model would be updated. Note: now the car model's .cfgs are in AE86/cfg, not AE86/Trueno/Zenki/cfg; AE86/Trueno/Kouki/cfg and AE86/Levin/cfg!!!
Added custom adjustable transmission.
Added TRD engine block for higher RPM. Note: you must use appropriate parts in order to go up to 11000 RPM. Also note the engine durability is fairly low, so use it wisely)!!!
Added silver-top valve and timing covers.
Added supercharger.

Known bugs:
ChargeSpeed bumper has mapping errors.
Levin chassis has some mesh bugs.
Levin front bumper plastic is lighter.
Not all light glows done.
Supercharger can work without the appropriate belt.

Tested on 2.2.1. MWM with LE2MWM mod.

Note: Trueno bumpers can be mounted on the Levin, but they will require scripting.

update 0.3d by Caballo(download link on the left column)

Main Javas and RPK updated. Main directions now aim for the proper model.
Descriptions filled.
Timek's 4A-GE set as standard engine in the dealers.
Standard Toyota Corolla rims added.
Elements moved for the Levin, Panda scripted for the Levin. Several scripting fixes
Now the car does not crashes the game in the Car dealers, and can be seen in demo mode and in the streets.

Known bugs:
Sometimes the car appears in the city without anything except the chassis.
Levin chassis is a bit wider than the rest, so some parts doesn't fit prope
1.   Posted by Gastroker   2013-11-22 00:34    

"0.3c -added supercharger" I can't find it. I think this is an older version.

2.   Posted by Tom Diablo   2013-11-22 06:54    

"Now I'm re-releasing this as Beta 0.3a."
@Gastroker: It is.
I think for 0.3d, you could add a turbocharger kit like in the other 4A-GE pack. It had a stage1, stage2 and a stage3 set

3.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2013-11-22 13:58    

i've just reposted from GOM, so idk

4.   Posted by BolverkGTM   2013-11-23 06:48    

How come the car comes with no engine in the catalog? I got everything but the engine.

5.   Posted by edi07kehed   2013-11-23 13:11    

old post, but i really need this mod... !!

6.   Posted by fourdooreg   2013-11-23 17:27    

we got no engines do we ted!? do we!? (fast&furiouswords)

7.   Posted by veyron155   2013-11-23 22:26    

it has turbo engine ?

8.   Posted by Skayser   2013-11-24 03:22    

Can it has any upload for the engine every other engine's doanload links are down

9.   Posted by BolverkGTM   2013-11-28 00:42    

The jok3r edited 4A-GE doesn't fit in this car. I guess I'm supposed to just leave it in my garage with no engine forever. It'd be nice if someone would upload the engine that came with the car.

10.   Posted by BolverkGTM   2013-11-30 07:37    

I have an update here. I adjusted the seating of the engine through the SLRR Editor and now TimEK9's 4A-GE fits perfectly into the car. With that, I apologize for my frustrated posts earlier.

JDW, Davidov, everyone else involved with this car, you're amazing. You have produced one of the best SLRR mods I've seen so far. It absolutely baffles me how well made this car is. Thank you for it.

11.   Posted by SlammedPanda   2013-12-15 01:20    

you did an amazing job on this!

12.   Posted by Caballo   2014-02-03 05:52    

Is this car still in progress? I mean, it crashes my game when it appears on the new car dealer, so i tried editing the main javas, but i don't know scripting deep enough, so i just wanted to know if this is just my installation not working right or it is a known bug.

13.   Posted by Caballo   2014-02-03 09:50    

Updated: I managed to rearrange the main Javas and the RPK so now the three cars appear ingame normally (demo, races, used and new car dealers) If the author wants to contact me...

14.   Posted by redmade1999   2014-02-06 11:12    

The best car ever!! yet engine does not match to slrr2011 stage1 ;(

15.   Posted by Wolfy   2014-02-08 03:04    

sadly this mod crashes my game...multiple parts in same location error.

16.   Posted by Snowfox   2014-04-20 18:15    

The engine crashes my game, any help?

17.   Posted by [purerac1ng]   2014-07-06 15:21    

what engine did you use on 2nd car

18.   Posted by H3WN   2014-08-28 06:11    

this is soo goood!

19.   Posted by Kensupra86   2014-09-15 09:49    

Such a great mod, the best ive ever seen. so much detail. i can only imagine how much work was put into this amazing mod.

20.   Posted by naterade   2014-09-24 19:27    

does it work with 2.3.0LE?

21.   Posted by naterade   2014-09-25 16:22    

i have no engine for it even tried jokers 4age motor and no dice cant someone make this mod work with a motor i used slrr editor and still nothing

22.   Posted by V4L73   2015-01-25 16:07    

Who's the exhaust line (sorry I'm french)?

23.   Posted by ficho   2015-07-18 18:22    

Could someone please post alternate link? I'm having issues with appbox, I click on download and it just says waiting for appbox in the bottom left corner of the screen and nothing happens. :(

24.   Posted by RR15   2015-07-23 13:43    

can someone post another link?? this one doesn't download as say ficho :(

25.   Posted by PrStien   2015-11-21 21:44    

x3 on new download link please. Currently not working

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