Here is a little beta for you to try the bimmer.

I have fixed the mod to make it user friendly with you, the final one will have a custom catalog.

EDIT BY JAG: I have made a few bug fixes, and as Franco has asked, I'm releasing it to you guys, so here's the link: LINK
1.   Posted by The_chunky   2013-07-30 22:49    

Love e36, I own one myself, but Im a sedan fan, and Im sure im not the only one, so could someone please make a Sedan version of e36? :/ :)

2.   Posted by Abrantes   2014-02-15 22:17    

link off

3.   Posted by zuze91   2014-12-24 14:01    

File not found

4.   Posted by Tom Diablo   2015-02-15 07:17    

link works

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