This mod needs BB93 3D tyres to come complete from catalog, dont forget to download them, is also highly suggested download VStanced HD plates to fully enjoy it.


- Original front and rear rims(modeled by Franco)
- Custom parts(as above)

Have fun!

1.   Posted by ccp   2013-11-04 16:36    

soo cool ,this map is ,or will be,relased??

2.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2013-11-04 16:49    

will be as soon as someone explains me how to add lights

3.   Posted by Dariuss   2013-11-04 16:57    

how 'bout the vstanced garage?:D

4.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2013-11-04 17:01    

how about be happy with what is released?

5.   Posted by Automotive Gaming   2013-11-04 17:50    

Marco, what scenery is that? is it a conversion?
PS: dope M-ride

6.   Posted by Balkanec   2013-11-04 18:12    

This is Z3M Coupe!

Look's great.

7.   Posted by Unseen.   2013-11-05 12:43    

Thank you, BB. For putting this one up! Dope +1.

8.   Posted by ShadowTuner   2013-11-06 00:13    

will the vstance garage be released? epic german! thanks man!!!!

9.   Posted by sparkynissan   2013-11-06 00:39    


10.   Posted by lhm8884   2013-11-06 12:08    

Nice job.

11.   Posted by Gustav1338   2013-11-06 15:46    

Nice car! So enjoyable to drive and even better with the VS HD Plates :D

12.   Posted by Killerlicka   2013-11-13 19:31    


13.   Posted by KidForDrift   2014-08-17 21:01    

Is there a handling fix?

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