Is highly suggested download VStanced HD plates to fully enjoy this mod.


- Original color from catalog
- Lots of custom parts(few kits made by me)
- Hand made rpk(written from scratch)
- Noob-proof matte paint(check the readme)
- Front windshield paintable stickers(from excluded B'C and VS)
- Already compatible with almost every worthy engine(from 2JZ to VR38DETT)
- 100% built-in rpk custom flares
- Real spec gauges(show real speed and rpm)
- Custom headlights flare texture(based on Franco's bora flare)
- Custom glow meshes
- Interior lighting
- Custom physics and weights for every part
- Realistic rollbar(it actually stiffens the chassis)
- Paintable chrome and details(bullbar and additional lights)
- Original front and rear brakes
- Monster SX brakes and rims
- Custom 3D tires(street and offroad)
- VStanced keychain :D
and many more.

Have fun!


Do you like my mods? If so why dont you hold on a minute and consider offering me a beer? :cheers:

1.   Posted by Automotive Gaming   2013-11-01 01:52    


2.   Posted by Jesus Christ   2013-11-01 12:03    

downloading just because it has a keychain.. lol.

3.   Posted by PXRZ   2013-11-01 14:06    

Finally a Suzuki that works well which I do like is that on this one it allows you to have many options as modification extras for it. But there is one and another thing bothering me is that the paintable flares that when you paint them you see some black dots still in it and the matte version flares would´ve been fun to have as paintables aswell too. Any fix for it?

4.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2013-11-01 15:28    

i knew someone would have said me to make also paintable matte lol, i'm thinking already to an addon pack :P

5.   Posted by ShadowTuner   2013-11-01 16:31    

yes!!!!! downloading it now!!!

6.   Posted by Unseen.   2013-11-01 17:06    

Too much coolness, dude! Although I can see over 10 SX-4 passing my eyes daily in my country, this is still an unique & awesome mod! Because none of those SX-4 is as good as this one!

7.   Posted by KopGunner14   2013-11-01 17:43    

thx :)

8.   Posted by Kokhot   2013-11-01 19:14    

Very Nice !

9.   Posted by Mario   2013-11-01 22:08    

Daaymn, I can't imagine how just it will looks your next mod, since every your next is x10 maddnes.

10.   Posted by corradoskj4   2013-11-02 02:35    

Very good mod, good job BB, would be more such modders

11.   Posted by lhm8884   2013-11-02 04:22    

Nice car!
Thanks :)

12.   Posted by Gustav1338   2013-11-04 20:44    

Totally awesome! REP++

13.   Posted by larc132   2013-11-23 16:22    


14.   Posted by manuel lojo   2013-12-27 06:52    

awesome :) :) :)

15.   Posted by Macak   2014-01-29 17:51    

2.2.1 or 2.3.0 :awesome: :awesome:

16.   Posted by Bigg Boss93   2014-05-02 20:25    

it has been made for 2.2.1MWM but should work fine also on 2.3.0LE

17.   Posted by thor-04   2015-12-02 17:09    


18.   Posted by ernis   2016-04-10 16:23    

not an sx4... THATS A SEX4 :troll:

19.   Posted by bbqboy666   2016-08-12 07:01    

HUH...... Most of SX4's looks ugly like crap..

But this one is AWESOME!!!

20.   Posted by slrdrifting   2017-01-02 18:04    

how do i stance it? im new

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